Welcome to my blog and yes, I am a cat

My name is Cato.  I’m most gratified that you are having a look at my blog. Some folk wonder:

  •  Why would a cat write a blog?
  •  Why would other cats and perhaps even other species, including people,  read a cat’s blog?
  •  How does a creature without opposable thumbs use a computer?

I hope to answer these and other questions for those who are interested in the musings of a cat who likes to think.  I have named my blog “Thinking Things Through” because I feel that critical thinking is an important component of life in any culture or nation, regardless of creed or political stripe. There is far too little quality thinking going on these days and I aim to do my own small part to stir up the pondering spirit amongst humans and creatures alike.

Does that sound arrogant? I hope not. Cats are often seen as being remote and a tad supercilious, but that is rarely the whole truth about any feline, whether born in the back alley or the high society estate.  In an effort to help readers understand the feline species just a little better, I will welcome guest bloggers on occasion – cats from many and varying backgrounds and life experiences.

Please see my first blog post (Paws For Thought) for answers to the above three questions. My fondest wish is that you will find the writings herein enjoyable and stimulating.


Those who know how to think need no teachers ~ Mahatma Gandhi


Photo credit: Creative Commons 44076 91350


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